H2-Healer The portable dual-purpose wonder/H2 Inhalation & Hydrogen Water Machine H2-Healer

With the H2-Healer (hydrogen water generator), you can have hydrogen gas and water at your disposal wherever and whenever you need them.


Features of the H2-Healer
1. In 2010, we acquired a worldwide patent for a diaphragmless electrolysis method that prevents scale buildup on the electrodes. (NOSCALE)

Scale (limescale) does not develop on the electrodes.
The performance of the electrolysis does not fall off because of scale (limescale, calcium, magnesium, others) buildup on the electrodes.
It will continue to produce highly concentrated hydrogen water, even after long term use.
-Hydrogen drinking water
 3-5 minutes/dissolved hydrogen concentration: ≤1 ppm
-Hydrogen gas inhalation
 30 minutes/inhaled hydrogen gas concentration: ≤35,000 ppm
Scale will develop if prohibited drinks such as tea or coffee are used.
Please refrain from using prohibited drinks as they can cause damage.

2. Remove harmful chlorine created by electrolysis.

The water purifying cartridge filter will take care of residual chlorine and various bacteria, so you can always enjoy delicious hydrogen water.

3. Daily maintenance is easy

Thanks to no scale developing on the electrodes, you do not need to worry about using special citric acid cleaners.
All it requires is a filter change every three to six months.
For daily use, clean it out occasionally with water to keep it in top shape.

-The expiration date for the filter varies based on the amount of use and composition of the water used.
Hydrogen drinking water (about 2 liters a day): replace once every six months
Hydrogen gas inhalation (2 or more uses a day): replace every three months

4. Works with drinking water from around the world.

<Usable water>
You can use tap water, well water, filtered water, and even bottled water. (Including water with artificial sweeteners, flavorings, and juice.)
-You cannot use coffees, black teas, green teas, alcohols, or soft drinks.
-Some drinking water is not compatible with the Healer.
-Drinking water from some countries, which contain a high amount of iron or minerals, is unusable,

5. Simple to use for both highly concentrated hydrogen water and hydrogen gas inhalation.

For drinking hydrogen water
Hydrogen water mode

Turn the knob on the cap to the symbol of a pair of lips, and then press the power button once. The device will emit a beep after 2-3 minutes to let you know your hydrogen water is done. However, if the mineral content of the water is too low, it will automatically switch to the 5-minute setting to ensure the correct hydrogen concentration. When the hydrogen water is done, the device will emit a beep and automatically turn itself off.

For inhaling hydrogen gas
Hydrogen gas inhalation mode

Turn the knob on the cap to the symbol of a nose and attach the cannula to the device. Press the power button two times, and the device will emit two quick beeps. It will produce hydrogen gas for 30 minutes before emitting another beep and turning itself off.

6. Constructed with health in mind.

Dispenser/Cap/Base: Tritan™ Silicone O-rings Electrodes: Titanium+Platinum

A light and incredibly durable plastic by Eastman that is relied on for medical equipment. An eco-friendly product that has been tested and proven to be BPA-free. It is used globally in baby bottles and tableware for children owing to its ability to be sterilized in boiling water.

BPA is a chemical that has raised concerns about it being a possible endocrine disruptor. (It is found in many hard clear plastics.) It has been shown to contaminate food products due to contact with heat, acids, and oils.

Many countries have banned BPA being used in baby bottles and children's cups. The countries include America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, as well as countries in the EU. (It is still undecided in Japan.) Let's stop using possibly harmful chemicals for our health and the environment.

7.Soothes the heart

Just listening to or watching a stream of water can calm our nerves.
Our whole body can feel relaxed just from being in the presence of water.
The Healer's blue and green LEDs, along with the bubbles from the hydrogen, are reminiscent of a babbling brook.
Gaze deeply into the water, and let it wash away your troubles and provide the healing your heart needs.

We at H2Vision+ recommend inhaling hydrogen gas as the most effective way to get hydrogen into your body.

Why do I need hydrogen in my body?
Hydrogen has the special ability to pair with and neutralize reactive oxygen species (specifically the harmful free radicals). Just by breathing, we are producing reactive oxygen. Stress, UV rays, overeating, and smoking can all produce reactive oxygen. So, as it is vital for your health, you should try to neutralize as much reactive oxygen as possible.

Why do you recommend breathing hydrogen gas in though my nose?
Inhaling through your lungs delivers the hydrogen gas directly to your lungs.
The large surface area of your lungs, which is covered with many tiny capillaries, can quickly absorb the hydrogen gas directly into your blood vessels.
Similarly, there are also many capillaries inside your nasal cavity.
By being absorbed by the mucous membrane in your nasal cavity, the hydrogen gas can enter the circulatory system directly.
Compared to absorbing the hydrogen gas through the digestive tract, it is faster as well as not being influenced negatively by gastric acids and digestive enzymes.
It can safely be said that inhaling hydrogen gas through the nose is a quick and effective way to introduce it into the body.

Circulatory system
In around 20 seconds, your blood can travel through your entire circulatory system. All the way from your left ventricle to your right atrium. Your blood is pushed from your left ventricle into your aorta and then through many divergent paths through arteries of all shapes and sizes. The capillaries throughout your body pass along nutrients such as oxygen and sugars in your blood while at the same time collecting carbon monoxide and waste. Then finally returning the blood to your right atrium.
Blood passing through your body serves an important role in protecting you from bacteria and viruses.

*H2Vision's H2-Healer is being used in experiments to determine the effect of molecular hydrogen gas on different brain injury models. The studies are being conducted at Hanyang University's College of Medicine by Professor Choi Kyu-Sun Choi as part of a national effort.

Baek In-chun
Baek In-chun is a retired Korean professional baseball player (catcher, outfielder, coach) that was influential and prominent in the world of Korean baseball.

Toei Flyers / Nittaku Home Flyers / Nippon Ham Flyers (1962 - 1974)
Taiheiyo Club Lions (1975 - 1976) /Lotte Orions (1977 - 1980) /Kintetsu Buffaloes (1981)

Baek In-chun, who played in Korean and Japanese professional baseball, suffered a cerebral infarction in 2015. Fortunately, his life was saved. While he was fighting through the long term effects, he learned about hydrogen therapy and introduced the H2-Healer into his rehabilitation program. It helped him restore feeling to parts of his body that had gone numb due to the infarction. He described his experiences in his autobiography as well as adding a passage thanking Dr. Chi Eun Sang. (This is his personal opinion.)

Baek In-chun Baek In-chun

Please be sure to check the instructions when you first use the device.
(The device has about a 10-minute charge when it arrives from the factory.)

How to set your H2-Healer to inhalation mode

Please adjust the knob to the protruding part of the nose symbol.
That should ensure it is inhalation mode even if it becomes slightly misaligned with the nose symbol.
It is currently in drinking water mode Now we turn it to the nose symbol It is a little stiff, so please turn it firmly.
The knob is aligned with the nose symbol.

H2-Healer hydrogen water instructions

Please wait for 3-5 minutes until the device stops and then enjoy your hydrogen water.

Inhalation instructions
Measuring the hydrogen production of the H2-Healer
Replacement procedure of the cartridge filter for the H2-Healer

Capacity: 450ml
Generation period 3-5 minutes
Water temperature range 5-35℃ (41-95℉)
Device weight 490g

The materials have passed certification on food product laws related to importing foodstuffs.
Dispenser/Cap/Base Tritan™
Silicone O-rings
Electrodes Titanium+Platinum

Cartridge filter
Ingredients/Materials: Vitamin C, Calcium sulfite, Activated carbon, Heavy metal remover

Cannula Replacement cartridge
Residual chlorine indicator solution AC adapter
Owner's manual

Charging procedure
The device includes a single internal lithium-ion polymer battery.
Please remove the cover over the charging port, which is located on the opposite side of the power switch.
Please attach the AC adapter and press the power button. A light blue light will indicate the start of the charging process; the light will turn off when it is complete.
Usage examples for a single charge
at 3 minutes: About 40 times
at 30 minutes: About 3 times
Hydrogen production varies based on the voltage used.

Product details
Test Certifications
  • Hydrogen Concentration Test 1

    Hydrogen Concentration Test 1
  • Hydrogen Concentration Test 2

    Hydrogen Concentration Test 2
  • Test on Bactericidal Effect

    Test on Bactericidal Effect
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