Developer Dr. Chi Eun Sang

Dr. Chi Eun Sang

Dr. Chi Eun Sang has established the Global Society of Hydrogen Life Association, and as president of the association, he has contributed to the expansion and development of the hydrogen business in Korea.

Dr. Chi Eun Sang is an unparalleled expert. His achievements include: Chemical Engineering (bachelors), Chemical and Materials Engineering (masters), Environmental Engineering (doctoral degree)/ Member of the Sustainable Development Committee reporting to the President/Member of National Committee for Environmental Policy Research/Dongnam Health College・Kyungwon University Concurrent Professor/ Ministry of the Environment Secretary Award/
Jury member of the Environmental Technology Agency/Chemical engineer/ISO (Quality, Environment, Occupational Health) Jury member/Pride of Korea Award.
Not only is he a representative (CEO) for H2 Vision Plus LLC, he is also well known by people interested in a hydrogen lifestyle (molecular hydrogen, hydrogen cosmetics, hydrogen food products) in multiple countries. He has worked with many Korean academic universities (Korea University, Seoul National University, Kyung Hee University, Hanyang University) as well as many abroad in his large output of research publications.

Dr. Chi's journey to hydrogen

Dr. Chi started his career studying mitochondria. Mitochondria are vital for the production of energy we need to live, but at the same time, they are producing reactive oxygen.
Reactive oxygen oxidizes cells and causes aging and illness. Dr. Chi changed his focus to antioxidants as a means to deal with reactive oxygen.
From recent research, we know that reactive oxygen contains both beneficial and harmful free radicals.
Thanks to that, it is crucial for an antioxidant to leave the beneficial free radicals alone that your body needs and to neutralize the harmful ones.

Dr. Chi earnestly began researching hydrogen in 2005.
While he was investigating different types of antioxidants and methods to deal with reactive oxygen, a simple idea came to him, "There might be something to hydrogen."
This thought led him to extremely impressive results.
What made hydrogen the best choice was that it was not too strong as an antioxidant.
The part of the results that surprised him was that it could neutralize the harmful cell-damaging free radicals while leaving the free radicals that are important to our physiology alone.
It sealed the deal, Dr. Chi was convinced in the role hydrogen should play.

The vision of H2-Vision Plus

H2 Vision Plus's mission is to spread the wonder of hydrogen to build a healthy and peaceful society.

We have our products analyzed by public agencies so we can make sure our products and research meet the highest standard of safety.

H2 Vision Plus aims to be the leading company bringing safe and revolutionary hydrogen products to the world.



When people look at our unique yellow logo, they will think to themselves about the wonders of hydrogen and the reliable and safe products we bring them. They know they can trust put their trust in it and that our research will always bring them new developments.

H2 Vision Plus is the only company that handles sales of the H2-Healer.
We are here for any questions or requests you might have about the product.

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